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白石 里美



アメリカでは35歳以上のモデルの活躍を目にする機会が増えました。なかでも65歳のPia Gronning(ピア・グロニング)さんは、人気アパレルブランドJ Crewや大手ヘルスフードストアWhole Foodsのモデルを勤めて注目を集めています。





What made you decide to return to modeling?

13年間に渡って、1,000平米の家をデザインしたり、映画業界の人びとのためにインテリアデザイナーとして働いたことで、外見だけじゃないって証明したわ。そして、ニューヨークでモデルをしていた頃に、一緒に仕事をしていた女性たちがモデルとして活動を再開するのを目にするようになったの。そこでロサンゼルスのエージェントにコンタクトを取ってみたのよ。驚いたことに、彼らは私の名前や昔の写真を覚えていて、すぐに採用してくれたわ。最初の仕事は Banana Republicだった。数年間はデザインとモデルを兼業していたのだけど、デザイン業界では十分にやったと事務所をたたむ決意をしたの。

After 13 years of interior design,designing 9000 sq. ft houses,and working for people in the film industry,I had proved to myself that I could be more than just a pretty face.And I started seeing women I had worked with back in NY going back into modeling,so I decided to contact an agency in LA......to my astonishment,they remembered my name,my old pictures and took me on right away.My first job was for Banana Republic.And after a couple of years doing both,int.design and modeling,I decided that I had had enough of the design industry and quit my own business.




How is it different being a model in your 10s or 20s and being a model in your 60s? How do you like it now?


仕事は、はたからみるほどグラマラスなものではなくて大変だったわ......それは今でもだけど。一日中真夏にセー ターやコートで撮影したり、寒い日に凍えたり......それでも、いろいろな意味でやりやすくなったわ。より敬意を持って扱われるようになったし、今でも夏に冬 服を着なくてはいけないとはいえ、以前ほど大変ではなくなったわね。

The biggest difference for me personally is that now I don't feel I have to be 100% perfect.The job has also become a lot easier.In the old days,we could have 2-3 jobs a day,we did our own make- up a lot,our own hair,we were asked to bring shoes sometimes and in between you jobs ,you sometimes had a tv appointment or print request.

It was not glamorous like most people think,it was hard work.......it still is though,you have to be on all day,stand in sweater and coats in the hot Summers and freeze in the cold.....I would say,it has become easier in many ways.you get treated with more respect,you do not work as hard,even though of course you still wear Winter clothes in the Summer and visa versa :-)


What are things that you enjoy more now than when you were younger?


I am treated with a lot more respect now.When I was young and working almost every day,I was treated much more like an object,where as now I am treated like a human being.


30代の頃はどうでしたか? 読者になにかアドバイスをお願いします。

Our readers are mostly in their 30s. How was it like when you were around that age? Could you give them any advice?

他の女性に対するアドバイスは、いつも「自分に正直でいなさい」ということ。自分が与えられたものを受け入れるの......私たちはみな美しいのだから! 広告業界は、リアルではないイメージを広めていることがあるわ。今ではコンピューターやフォトショップでモデルの画像にいくらでも修正できる。みなが身長180センチでガリガリに痩せているわけじゃない......でもみな人として一人前になれる、前にも言ったとおり、本当の美しさは内側からにじみでるものよ。それをいつも覚えておいて!

my advice to other women is to always be true to yourself.Accept what you have been given.......we are all beautiful !!! the advertising business is sometimes promoting an image that is NOT real.Today with computers and photoshop,you can change anything on a girls image.Not all of us though can be 6 ' ft tall and skinny,skinny.......but we can all be decent human beings,like I said before,real beauty comes from inside.......remember that ALWAYS !!!



What does [aging gracefully] mean to you?


aging gracefully.......of course it is different for different women.But for me it is accepting yourself,grey hair,wrinkles and everything.Be proud of who you are and have become.Of course you need to take care of yourself,eat well,exercise,use your brain,learn new things,be good to other humans .Don't stop being curious about life and grateful that life has been good to you.



Pia Gronning(ピア・グロニング)

NYのIconicfocus所属。50代でモデルとしての活動を再開し、J CrewやWhole Foodsの広告などアメリカで現在人気のシニアモデル。




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